HANG UP! - Review by Starburst Magazine

It's great to see the film music work of Christopher Guglick recognized, this time for the latest Fatal Pictures movie just out, HANG UP! Music in film done well is often semi- and sub-conscious to the viewer's ear.

As too, the precision and subtlety of fine editing is usually invisible to the conscious eye, so I'm happy to see Marc Roussel's editing highlighted in this review from Starburst Magazine. Music and editing are the secret furious elves in a movie-maker's workshop.

"Hang Up! shows what can be achieved with a minimalist approach we only actually see one actor and we’re only in the one location) and a great script. Presented in black and white, Nolan is the primary focus - with very little dialogue - who sits and listens to Auza’s monologue. The range of feelings on show is stunning, the guy is a tour de force of acting skills. As an audience, we’re put through just as much of an emotional ringer as the character." 
-- (Martin Unsworth, Starburst Magazine)

Although it’s presented in a rather low-key manner, the music (by Christopher Guglick) and the masterful editing (from Marc Roussel, director of The Last Halloween) bolster the atmosphere and tension." - (Full Review here)

 Click for HANG UP! Full Review by Starburst Magazine
HANG UP! - Review by Starburst Magazine. (Full Review here)

Poster for HANG UP! from Fatal Pictures


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