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'FAMILIAR' - Fatal Pictures
  • FAMILIAR - Review by (Killer Aphrodite) - "However, it is actor Robert Nolan’s performance that makes John not just feel authentic, but which gives Familiar a centre of plausibility around which its extraordinary and nauseating events can spiral towards their catastrophic conclusion... Nolan is not only able to manifest one of the most mesmerizing man-falling-through-the-cracks-of-sanity performances you will come across in a recent horror, but also completely convinces in his delivery of his character’s starting point."
  • FAMILIAR - Review by (Mandy's Morgue of Horror) - "The protagonist, although slightly crazy, was very likeable and intriguing. I found him to have similar qualities to the character of Jack Torrance in The Shining and I couldn't look away from him while he was on the screen... The performance by Robert Nolan was praiseworthy; he barely spoke on screen but he conveyed so much anger and resentment through his eyes to the point where you could see just how unhappy he was. His voice, which is mainly heard through his thoughts, was also very alluring as well. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing him in more films in the future.."


  • OCT-15 (video) - TTN-HD's Katie Uhlmann was live at Toronto Screamfest 2010 where she interviewed actor Robert Nolan.

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