'SEARCHING FOR ANGELS' (Feature - Drama) - I do the voice of the doctor in the new trailer for this gritty urban movie about a young woman whose street drug induced medical crisis leads to a search for her father. ‎' Written and Directed by Nadeem Soumah -- Starring: Veronika London, Alberto Tihan, Craig Porritt, John SherrittBrian Mifsud

(I'm the Doctor)

'RED: WEREWOLF HUNTER'' (Movie, SyFy Channel - Horror) - I'm captured and released by the leader of the werewolf pack and hunted down for sport. The Werewolf-Human War resumes. Starring Felicia Day and Stephen McHattie.
(I'm the prisoner at the end)
(I'm running with the girl)

 (Feature - Drama) - I'm the brother of Lucky, a man who is trying to make amends for his checkered past with family, town and unforgiving mob. [Now in post-production. Release date: 2011]

(SEE TRAILER - 'Video's tab)
(I let the girl in at the door)

'BATTLEGROUND' (aka 'SKELETON LAKE') (Feature - Action-Thriller) - I play one of six desperate bank robbers whose heist has gone awry and whose hideout turns into a spider's web of brutal horror (Screening in 8 countries - soon to be released in Canada and the US).
(I'm armed and walking through the woods)

'THIS MOVIE SUCKS!' (Feature - Comedy) - I play the lead as Jeremy Buckingham, an outrageously difficult director who has tired of the short film genre and is determined to produced his 'magnum opus' feature film at all costs - including money, friendship, love and his own sanity.

'A DATE WITH FEAR' (Feature - Thriller) - I play David, a mysterious visitor in this psychological thriller - 'What if everything we plan is challenged by the surprises of destiny? Do you like surprises? Ricky is ready for his blind date - or is he?'  [Now in post-production. Release date: 2011]
(I'm the guy with the shovel!)

'THE TENANT' (Feature - Drama) - 'Obinna, an African refugee in Canada, faces deportation in 30 days. When all hope seems lost, a chance confrontation with Timothy, his terminally-ill landlord and a former immigration officer,  provides him an opportunity to remain in the country.' (I have a couple of lines as the Stripper's boyfriend and I also play an Immigration Officer (voice only) in a phone call to the Landlord).
'TIGER CLAWS' (Feature - Martial Arts-Thriller) - 'I play Detective Roberts in this martial arts murder mystery about a serial killer who is systematically murdering the masters of individual martial arts forms using the 'Tiger' method. Directed by Kelly Makin. Starring Jalal MerhiBolo Yeung and Cynthia Rothrock.'
(I'm the guy thrown in the water by Bolo - and one of the cops behind Jalal at the end. Hey, he blew up my cop car!)

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