UPCOMING SCREENINGS (TV, Movies and Web Series):

FAMILIAR (Horror Short) - Screens on Opening Night (the best night!) in Sydney, Australia's A NIGHT OF HORROR/FANTASTIC PLANET Film Festival this Friday, March 16. - "And we are in very fine company paired with the feature BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW which opens the festival - 'Festival runs until April 1st. Other films at this years event include The Divide, The Corridor, Exit Humanity, The Theatre Bizzare, Another Earth and Fathers Day! Needless to say we are in proud genre company! Thanks Australia for showing us Canadia filmmakers some love, its pretty cold in Canada." - http://bit.ly/wj0coI
SEARCHING FOR ANGELS (Feature). I have a scene in here with Vivica A. Fox (KILL BILL, INDEPENDENCE DAY with Will Smith). Premiere Screening - April 14- 2012- Famous Players Canada Square.

"Angel, played by Veronika London is a young prostitute ad heroin addict found by paramedics laying on the street in a pool of blood. She is the victim of a violent altercation which leave her with a severe head injury. Stricken by amnesia and struggling with her heroin addiction, she is on a quest to discover her identity but most importantly who did this to her and why. She is taken in by a nurse played by Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill, Independence Day) who is a motherly figure to her. Along her quest, she comes across several characters from her past and the clues to the answers she seeks slowly come to light revealing many horrible truths. With this information, feelings of curiosity quickly turn to a thirst for retribution."
-- (Bobby Del Rio, ReelWorld Programmer, Canadian Features)
MACHIAVELLI'S THE PRINCE (Web Series) directed by Julio Ponce Palmieri - First episode now online. Some series get over 1,000,000 views here. (I'm a Mob Godfather) - http://www.koldcast.tv/show/machiavellis_prince
RED: WEREWOLF HUNTER (SyFy Movie) - Screens again on the SyFy Channel (I escape from werewolves - I have a scene with Felicia Day (BUFFEY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER)
Thursday 22nd March 2012
9:00pm Red: Werewolf Hunter on Syfy HD 

SyFy is the SyFy Channel - we got 2 million views on the movie's premiere. 
THE DEVIL WALKS AMONG YOU (Horror Short) - Here's a little review of The Devil Walks Among You, screening next month at the Bare Bones International Film Festival. "... carried by the always dependable Robert Nolan at his creepiest."
PROJECT BREAKWATER (Web Series) - FREE premiere cast, crew & friends screening - Saturday, April 14 at The Innis Town Hall Theatre (I am the mysterious Informant). - 2 Sussex Avenue, Toronto, ON