WRAPPED on SILENT RETREAT (Feature, Horror) as 'The Doctor'

SILENT RETREAT (Feature, Horror) - 'In this quiet horror film, Janey is sent to a silent retreat in the middle of the woods for rehabilitation, only to discover that the men who run it are after more than her voice, and aren’t afraid to show her what lurks beyond the trees...'

Producers - Tricia Lee & Chris Agoston
Director - Tricia Lee
Screenplay - Corey BrownPM - Chris LuckhardtPC - Cayleigh O’Hearn
DOP - Christian Bielz
1st AD - Nic Izzi, Ace McCallum

'Janey' - Chelsea Jenish
'Alexis' - Sofia Banzhaf
'The Doctor' - Robert Nolan
'Albert' - Matthew Romantini
'Paul' - Mark Buck
'Red Hair' - Jenna Jade Rain
'Pink Stripe' - Jennifer Pogue
'Long Bangs' - Jennie Foster
'Black Glasses' - Katie Buitendyk
'Creature' - Angela Newell, Sable Rae. Mark Kalpakis

2nd AD - Aaron Duncan
Continuity - Nikki Filippelli
1st Camera Assist / 2nd Cam Op. - Godfred Adjei
2nd Camera Assist - Zachary Zara
DMT - Conrad Konert
Key Makeup Artist / Hair - Lisa Gustafsson
Wardrobe Supervisor/ Costume Designer - Karine Dashney
Catering - Grace Lee, George Lee
Gaffer - Chris Luciow
Key Grip - Jordan Oram
Production Designer - Jenifer Morden
Set Decorator - Angela Newell
SPFX & Prosthetics Supervisor - Shaun Hunter
Prostehtics Hands & Feet Designer / Sculpter - Sheilagh Mcgrory
Production Assistant - Tristan Tiggleoven, Rob Covert, Andrew Meikle
On Set Photographer - Elly Dassas
Stunts - T.J. Kennedy

Sound Recordist - Keith Moriyamah 


At KVC lives a pond and some trees
A forest alive that would quietly be
A hall and some cabins
And paths through the dark
Squirrels and crows and coyotes that bark

Deep in the forest in darkness and still
Moves a something in silence and terrible will
A scream on a leash in the loneliest wood
The return of the quiet disturbingly good

All is well in this world of mystery and night
In the morning the crows see a terrible sight.
(Poem by Robert Nolan)

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