HEIR - Surpasses 100% of Kickstarter $17k goal. $19k stretch goal will fund alternate-ending 'stinger'

HEIR - Surpasses 100% of Kickstarter $17k goal. Now has a stretch goal of $19k which would fund an alternate "stinger" ending for HEIR - The Final Short From Fatal Pictures. I love this $2,000 next-level bonus. So, if you love quality films (you do!), please spread the word so we can get this done. You never know. One of your tweets or posts could be all it takes. "Fortune Favours the Bold." Be bold, my friend. Be bold!

"Thanks to our amazing supporters HEIR has reached its initial goal of $17,000! We are beyond excited that we will have the opportunity to make this film and it truly couldn't have happened with out all of you!

With 12 days left on the campaign we will continue to spread word and make every effort to ensure we finish strong on March 10th, the projects last day.

A new "STRETCH GOAL" of $19,000 is something we are considering and if we hit that number our plan is to film an additional, gory alternate ending to HEIR. This additional scene may or may not be included in the festival version of the film but it will definitely come with every disc or digital file sent to our supporters. This scene is the ultimate "Stinger" ending and will tie in the themes of the BOXCUTTER TRILOGY (WORM,FAMILIAR,HEIR) quite nicely.

With that said we wish to thank you all again! Now we are off to make a movie!" -- (The HEIR team) - Fatal Pictures. PROD: Zach Green. WRI/DIR: Richard Powell. DOP: Michael Davidson. SFX: The Butcher Shop. CAST: Bill Oberst Jr., Robert Nolan.