I play the FBI Chief Investigator in SURVIVING EVIL (TV): 'The Girl in the Box' - Premiered on Discovery ID on Sep. 10

SURVIVING EVIL (TV): 'The Girl in the Box' episode premiered on Investigation Discovery last night (Discovery ID) (full episode online here if you're in the US - http://www.investigationdiscovery.com/tv-shows/surviving-evil). Docudrama of the real-life Anita Wooldridge story starring Becky Shrimpton as the unsuspecting and heroic Abductee, Brian Carleton as the creepy Abductor and myself as the guy from the FBI. It may pop up on later on History or Discovery Canada. Some screenshots from the show. -- 'Second season. Showcasing inspiring women who fought back against their attackers and lived to tell their stories.'

-- Actress Charisma Carpenter Hosts the 10-Episode Second Season - “The Girl in the Box” – Story of Anita Wooldridge (Kokomo, IN) - Premieres Wednesday, September 10 at 9/8c -

"It’s an early summer morning when evil comes calling in Kokomo, Indiana. A recent college graduate with a bright future, 21-year-old Anita Wooldridge, answers the door without hesitation. After all, the man is a member of the fitness club where she once worked and he’s only asking for a glass of water. But that’s when things go horribly wrong – what starts out as a robbery soon takes on a more sinister twist. Anita’s attacker ties her up, locks her in the trunk of her own car, and drives off. Hundreds of miles from home, she is imprisoned in a metal cabinet and is repeatedly raped as her kidnapper plays out his violent sexual fantasies. Anita must keep herself alive until police can find her but, with only the suspect’s name to Go On, law enforcement agents have their work cut out for them."

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