LAVENDER FIELDS - A lovely film I'm in that uses ASL sign language

LAVENDER FIELDS - Notes from the Director Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi on a lovely film that uses ASL sign language. Are we dreaming through life or is life dreaming through us? 
"... the almost entirely silent film, LAVENDER FIELDS, starring the impeccably talented and charismatic Kelly-Marie Murtha and engrossing Robert Nolan, and coached by American Sign Language (ASL) teacher/mentor/actress Elizabeth Morris, explored life and loss, love and depression, all through sound and silence.

Once sharing the distinction of never having screened for a festival audience with the award-winning SCENT OF ROSEMARY, LAVENDER FIELDS remains the only title in the complete Arcilesi Films catalogue to have yet to grace the silver screen.

Until that day arrives, I share with you... LAVENDER FIELDS..."


Official LAVENDER FIELDS Website:


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