MOURNING HAS BROKEN (Dark Comedy) is now on iTunes and VOD WORLDWIDE !

I play the lead in MOURNING HAS BROKEN now for rent or sale WORLDWIDE on iTunes, VHX and VIMEO ON DEMAND ! See Trailer below or on any of those sites.

All movies begin with a burning idea. What gets them made is faith and endless work and inspiration. MHB had that and the tipping point: a critical financial investment in the Butlers' idea and team by Punkfilms' fearless leader Ingrid Veninger: Water the seeds and mighty trees may grow.

From the Butlers:

"Made with $1000, 100 buckets of sweat, 50 drops of tears, 10 pints of blood, and 1 Robert Nolan. Mourning Has Broken is NOW AVAILABLE!!! Big thanks to the inspiration Ingrid Veninger, our man Avi Federgreen, the lens master Michael Davidson and so many more who worked with us and supported us along the way!!! Spread the word, mourning has broke!!!" - Jason Butler, Brett M. Butler.

Complete film credits here on IMDB