GOD'S ACRE - The Movie - 'Personal ambition at any cost?'

GOD'S ACRE. I'm proud of this movie which explores the consequences of personal ambition at whatever cost (and yes, there is a cost!) - Conceived, shot, edited and delivered by Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesiand Rob Tosh in just 24 hours. Winner, 'Best Drama'.

FULL MOVIE: https://youtu.be/Deqe6gB1j2I

For reviews, awards and complete details, visit Alfredo's website here: http://www.arcilesifilms.com/gods-acre.html

1. Audience Choice Award (Toronto Film Race 2009)
2. Best Film (Toronto Film Race 2009)
3. Best Director (Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi) (Toronto Film Race 2009)
4. Best Actor (Robert Nolan) (Toronto Film Race 2009)
5. Best Ensemble Cast (Toronto Film Race 2009)
6. Best Cinematography (Toronto Film Race 2009)

GOD'S ACRE - Full Movie