Trailer for Kevin Spacey/CNN series 'Race for the White House' (I'm Douglas in 'Lincoln vs. Douglas')

I’m in the trailer (quick to miss: I’m Douglas wearing the top-hat struggling through the crowd in an overhead shot at 24 to 25 seconds into the trailer).

This original CNN series has six episodes. I’m Steven A. Douglas in ‘Lincoln vs. Douglas’ (most likely episode two). Race for the White House premieres on Sunday, Mar. 6, at 9 p.m on CNN.

Kevin Spacey narrates the upcoming six-episode CNN original series 'Race for the White House' premiering March 6 at 10 pm. I play Douglas in 'Lincoln vs Douglas'. Mark Ettlinger is Lincoln. And look for the dark side of Brian Carletonand the communication expertise of Alex Bird in this episode. The turmoil, racism and power dynamics of the 1862 campaign has strong resonance in and parallels to the current US election and I hope you'll tune in.