I play Professor Slagle in MURDER U: 'No Room for Debate' (TV S1E2)

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I'm Professor Slagle in this true-story docudrama on the horrific and shocking murder of a top-ranked debating student on campus. To be part of a fine cast that includes a number of talented young actors.

Among them are Jeremy Hillhouse, Alex Bird, Robert Notman, Mandi Nicholson, Hannah Whitmore, David Walpole, Jordan Cole, Robert Blake (no, not that one!) and David Straus. And, of course, without our fine Director Jeff Hirschfeld and excellent cinematography by Marcus Elliott, we are but actors whose performances would have vanished into air.

MURDER U: 'No Room for Debate'
Original Air Date: April 27, 2016 on T-E Channel (‘Travel and Escape’)
"The future is bright for the young, talented debate stars attending Samford University. The illustrious program trains the leaders of the future at a college known for it's rigorous work ethic and safe community. These are the kids who will change the world – their ambition and grit are matched only by their charm. When a grisly murder hits right at their heart, the entire campus is shaken to its very core."