THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS airs April 4 on PBS in USA (and repeats)

THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS airs tonight, April 4 on PBS in USA. On Vision TV in Canada next week (April 10 at 9 PM ET). I play wily deadly King Herod. Directed by Ben Reid. And watch for fellow Canadian David Bacque in the role of Pontious Pilate. #Tv #History #Religion. Canadian casting by Gail Carr.

Stream it here (US only)

"For almost two thousand years, the story of Jesus’ final days has been celebrated by Christians the world over. From Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, through to his eventual crucifixion six days later, the key moments have been immortalized in countless films, pieces of music, and works of art. "Last Days of Jesus" explores how dramatic political events in Rome could have played a crucial role in shaping Jesus’ destiny, and examines an extraordinary political alliance that altered the course of history."

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