Wow! I won 'BEST MALE PERFORMANCE' for 60 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT at Fantastic Planet Film Festival 2017

Fantastic Planet Film Festival 2017 - 'Now in it's 8th year, Fantastic Planet is Sydney, Australia's premier fantastic genre film festival, and remains dedicated to the promotion and exhibition of independent fantastic cinema.' 

This is a great honour from a festival which seeks out great independent movies from around the world and gives them a national and international showcase. I'm especially pleased to see that 60 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT was also awarded the INDEPENDENT SPIRIT AWARD. Anyone who works in indie knows how much blood, sweat and tears are shed to produce great indie films. To have this acknowledged by this award for a film that had tons of all three is a profound pleasure.


60 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT (Action/Thriller)
Produced by: Slate 10 Pictures Inc' "Crazy Legs" Frank Ieraci, "Maverick" Tom Stef, "The Cobra" Neil Mackay
Directed by: "The Cobra" Neil Mackay
Written by: "Sugar Kane" Terry Mcdonald / "The Cobra" Neil Mackay.
Starring: 'The Snake' Robert Nolan / 'Maximus' Arnold A. Sidney Jr. / "Sugar Kane" Terry Mcdonald / "A No. 1" Hugh Lambe.
Fantastic Music Score: "Outlaw" Mitchell Gibbs
Special Key Crew shoutout to 'The Dude' Matt McDonald
See full Cast & Crew on IMDB here.

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